Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Foodie Mode: Red Ribbon Salisbury Steak

Price: Php 160 (with drinks and cake)  
I was recently looking through several pictures of red ribbon's rice meals because I ought to eat lunch at Red Ribbon a while ago (I ended up satisfying my curiosity about KFC's Double Down) and I believe that Red Ribbon has been one of those restaurants serving great salisbury steaks.

It is a one piece burger steak topped with creamy sauce, mashed potato, corn and carrots and a cup of rice. I drown it most often with ice tea or pineapple juice and I look at the Cake of the Day sign to see what dessert am I going to pick.

If ever I'm in the mood to walk far, gonna go grab this for lunch.

Photo grabbed from: ph.openrice.com


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